Golden lightning for security guards

A dynamic company committed to providing innovative security solutions to all our partners.
Our company's operations depend on international standards for selecting work team members, to provide security personnel, civilian supervisors, mobile patrol services, and security devices related to the activity. We pride ourselves in providing an integrated set of security management services and are committed to constantly improving efficiency and quality. We have the highest standards of integrity and excellence at all levels for us. Integrity Professionalism is extremely important.
As a company committed to excellence.
  We maintain the highest industry standards for security personnel training. All of our security personnel are highly trained in general tasks issued by the civil security guard system and tasks specific to the nature of each site and are subject to constant supervision and random inspections.
We believe that the most important thing we have is our employees, which is why we always seek to obtain the best talents in the labor market. We offer attractive rates of pay and real benefits and incentives for employees.
  We always take care of our employees and give them a better opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge so that they can advance their careers. We follow a fair recruitment policy subject to our equal opportunities policy.
We have developed one of the most comprehensive approaches to partner services through our periodic reporting system. Our Operations Manager organizes regular meetings with partners at specific intervals to review our security plan on sites.
  Our approach is to discuss individual needs with each customer and then design and implement a quality system plan that fully meets the requirements of their specific area of interest as well as alternative plans for occasional situations.


Types of surveillance cameras

  • ROODNI indoor cameras
  • ROODTUO indoor cameras Including fixed cameras VTCC DEXIF, including moving ZTP
  • Rectangular XOB Surveillance Cameras
  • Surveillance cameras that withstand weather factors such as rain and heat
  • EMOD surveillance cameras in a circular motion
  • Compact and lightweight CCTV cameras

We aspire to become one of the leading companies in the field of security in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that meets the needs of our clients according to the Prophet's (PBUH) approach that God will be pleased with those who do their work in a perfect way.

Our mission is to provide high quality services in accordance with the latest standards & best professional practices with the qualifications of well trained and qualified Saudis to provide additional advantages to our clients throughout the Kingdom in order to establish and maintain these continuous and lasting relationships.