Golden lightning for security guards

A dynamic company committed to providing innovative security solutions to all our partners.
Our company's operations depend on international standards for selecting work team members, to provide security personnel, civilian supervisors, mobile patrol services, and security devices related to the activity. We pride ourselves in providing an integrated set of security management services and are committed to constantly improving efficiency and quality. We have the highest standards of integrity and excellence at all levels for us. Integrity Professionalism is extremely important.
As a company committed to excellence.
  We maintain the highest industry standards for security personnel training. All of our security personnel are highly trained in general tasks issued by the civil security guard system and tasks specific to the nature of each site and are subject to constant supervision and random inspections.
We believe that the most important thing we have is our employees, which is why we always seek to obtain the best talents in the labor market. We offer attractive rates of pay and real benefits and incentives for employees.
  We always take care of our employees and give them a better opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge so that they can advance their careers. We follow a fair recruitment policy subject to our equal opportunities policy.
We have developed one of the most comprehensive approaches to partner services through our periodic reporting system. Our Operations Manager organizes regular meetings with partners at specific intervals to review our security plan on sites.
  Our approach is to discuss individual needs with each customer and then design and implement a quality system plan that fully meets the requirements of their specific area of interest as well as alternative plans for occasional situations.

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Types of surveillance cameras

  • ROODNI indoor cameras
  • ROODTUO indoor cameras Including fixed cameras VTCC DEXIF, including moving ZTP
  • Rectangular XOB Surveillance Cameras
  • Surveillance cameras that withstand weather factors such as rain and heat
  • EMOD surveillance cameras in a circular motion
  • Compact and lightweight CCTV cameras

Our services

Provide security guards

The Golden Lighting For Security is distinguished by the fact that all its staff are 100% Saudi security guards and at a high level of tact, good handling, morals, and a sense of job responsibility and honesty entrusted to them, which provides the client with the appropriate atmosphere to turn around to his work with complete reassurance

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Provide security supervisors

Golden Lighting For Security provides field supervisors in all sites to ensure that work is proceeding in the correct manner that represents Saher's policies, principles, and strategy and to remedy deficiencies - if any in a timely manner

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Providing well-equipped cars

Golden Lighting For Security provides security vehicles equipped with means of communication and previously prepared with all security equipment around the clock

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Wireless devices

The Golden Lighting For Security also provides a direct line of communication between customers and operations management with the latest wired and wireless communication devices around the clock to facilitate methods of communication and direct supervision by customers on their sites and obtain daily reports on the security situation in each site separately

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Training courses for guards and supervisors

The cadres of the Golden Lighting For Security are distinguished by their efficiency by relying on the most important foundations of training and education for all its employees and making them highly accurate security cadres to deal with all security cases that threaten public safety and deal with all the requirements of the facilities, companies and sites entrusted to them

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Preparing security plans with international standards

Golden Lighting For Security relies on the scientific method through its security experts in developing plans,
strategies and security studies that suit each site separately, clarifying them to the client in detail and
obligating its security personnel to implement all strategies and train them to achieve its desired goals

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Sectors we serve

Trade Center
Residential Complex
Hospital and Clinics
Universities & Schools
Civil Buildings
Institutions and Companies
Wedding Hall
Cities of Games
Prepare and Follow up Security Studies and Plans

What distinguishes us

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    Urgent support
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    Customers service
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    research and development
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    Advanced security tools

Security tasks for security personnel

- Good dealing and courtesy with the client and his clients
- Maintaining the security and safety of facilities and preventing unauthorized persons from entering
- Preventing the entry of any employee outside working hours except with official permission from the responsible manager of the facility
- Preventing any equipment or devices from leaving the site without official permission from the facility
- Familiarity with firefighting and the use of extinguishers to protect lives and property
- Maintaining security and order, regulating traffic and identifying locations
- Opening and closing gates according to the working hours specified by the client and ensuring safety locations and means
- Good and optimal use of the equipment on site and following appropriate methods of dealing

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